Manganese Highlights:

Eclipse Metals Ltd holds over 809 km2 of manganese exploration ground in the Northern Territory and Queensland.

EPM Manganese Project Location

Mary Valley Manganese

The Mary Valley Manganese Project is located approximately 14 road kilometres southwest of Gympie Township in Queensland. The largest mine on the tenements controlled by Eclipse Metals Ltd was at Amamoor No.1 Manganese Deposit (19,630t @ 51% Mn). The mine opened in 1920 and operated and then from 1960. Nearest port from the project is at Brisbane approximately 165 rail kilometres.

A total of 31,477 tonnes of ore was mined from the Mary Valley Project (within the 3 Exploration Permit Mineral areas) with the manganese grade ranging from 42% to 51% Mn with the limits of all the deposit not known either along strike or at depth.

Historical assays have also indicated that the Mn, Fe, Si and P levels are all within the direct shipping ore parameters which further confirm the economic potential of standalone mining operations over the Mary Valley Manganese Project. The project has 198 square kilometres of favorable lithology are present within the 2 Exploration Licence (EPM) areas.



Working of Mined Areas

Years of Production

Ore production (tonnes)

Donaldson’s Deposit

22.86m long x  9.14m wide x 2.74m deep

1949, 1960

25t @ 46% Mn, 15% silica

Mooloo T.O Prospect

15.24m long x 2.13m wide x


42% Mn, 11.6% silica, 5.8% Iron oxide

Mt Mooloo Prospect

Trench 1 and 2: 13.71m long, 2.74m deep


81t @ 50.3% Mn, 1.9% silica, 7.4% Iron oxide

Trench 2: 15.24m long, 2.13m wide x 1.52m deep

Robert’s Prospect

6.40m long x 4.26m wide x 3.04m deep


15t @ 38.6% Mn

Dagun Prospect

6.1m long x  2.4m deep

1921, 1949

100t @ 48% Mn, 5% silica

Eel Creek

15.24m long x 2.13m wide

1949, 1951, 1960

234t @ 50% Mn, 6% silica

38t @ 46% Mn, 15% silica

Mt Walli

1937-38, 1959

700t @ 48% Mn, 9% silica

45.72m long x  3.35m deep

20t @ 40% Mn,20% silica

Amamoor No.2



515t@ Unknown

Zachariah Creek



16t @ 40% Mn, 10% silica

Skying Creek

152.0m long x 4.57m wide


2,457t @ 45% Mn, 19% silica


44.2m long x 3.65m wide x 19.81m deep

1918-19, 1958-60

8,893t @ 46% Mn, 22% silica

Amamoor No.1

274.0m long x 27.43m wide x 21.33m deep

1920, 1960

19,630t @ 51% Mn, 10% silica


31,477 t of High Grade Mn 

 A summary of manganese production on the Mary Valley Project is shown above:





Mary Valley manganese geological reconnissance map

The West McArthur River Manganese

  • The West McArthur River Project also hosts extensive electro-magnetic drill targets (10 EM drill targets which total of 135 sq km in total area) which are believe to host manganese mineralisation based on potential high grade manganese assay overlying electro-magnetic anomalies.

Figure 2. West McArthur River Project – Aerial EM Target location showing the total area of Target Generated Areas


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